Jute fiber being eco-friendly, annually renewable and abundantly available provides ample scope for its application in the manufacture of products for diverse use.  Utilization of jute for manufacture of market worthy products has opened up large opportunity.

The palm leaves of the betel nut palm we use are a “by-product” on the betel nut plantations in India, so our palmware is a purely natural product. This means that we do not create our own plantations to extract the leaves or even clear valuable rainforests.


Fortuna Eco Crafts is the Wholesale Manufacturer and Exporter of diversified jute and ecofriendly products, Jute Shopping Bag, Jute Gunny Bag, and Jute Sacking Bag also eco friendly one time solutions. fortuna eco crafts is committed to the development of jute products and eco-friendly promotional services that further the creation of an ecologically sustainable future.


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